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Minnesota’s Black Community: The 21st Century

For over 165 years to the present, a small population of Black Minnesotan’s have lived and thrived in cities surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul. During 1950 through 2015, distinguished Black Minnesota researchers, and scholars as the late Walter R. Scott Sr., Dr. David Taylor, and Dr.William Green began documenting and publishing the historical accomplishments, and contributions of Black pioneers in Minnesota during the 19th and 20th centuries. However, presently in the 21st century, documented and published research remains scant that highlights the contemporary accomplishments and contributions of Black trailblazers that are thriving in Minnesota. To fill this void in the Minnesota historical literature, seven professional Black Minnesotan’s came together in to launch an effort entitled Minnesota’s Black Community Project. In June of 2016, the Minnesota’s Black Community Project was recognized as 501c3 non-profit organization.

Minnesota's Black Community Project

A Minnesota non-profit organization that publically acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments of Blacks in Minnesota, past and present.

The Minnesota's Black Community Project has worked with the Hennepin County Library, Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota Association of Black Physicians.

For more information regarding this presentation contact Anthony Scott at: Anthony.scott@comcast.net

Walter R. scott Senior
Walter R. Scott Senior

These are some promotional photos of my father Walter R Scott Sr...from the archives of the Star Tribune now housed at the public library. Dad authored 4 books on Minneapolis/St Paul and Chicago Black communities in the 50's thru the 70"s. I had never seen these photos before and the one on the right I think he is in his late 20's....Just as I remember him. I knew of his work but didn't know the impact and why he felt he had to do this. I get it.....By the way the full volume of Dad's work ( all the books in one volume) will be available hopefully by the end of the year.


1) To highlight and celebrate the historical and contemporary accomplishments and contributions of Black Minnesotan’s through community programs five times a year. These community programs may take place in the form of community lectures, panel discussions, musical concerts, and art exhibits in South Minneapolis, North Minneapolis, and St. Paul, which are areas where the majority Black Minnesotan’s reside. The focus will be on producing events that celebrate the historical accomplishments of Black Minnesotans and uplift the community

2) To highlight and celebrate the historical and contemporary accomplishments and contributions of Black Minnesotan’s through publications that are accessible to the public.

3) To encourage Black children, youth, and adults in Minnesota to succeed academically and professionally so that their accomplishments and contributions can be chronicled as a part of Minnesota’s rich Black history.

4) To inform Minnesota’s Black community and the Minnesota community at large in person and through social media about upcoming historical and contemporary publications and community programs on Black Minnesotan’s that are sponsored by MBCP.

5) To provide in-person opportunities for community building and networking among Black Minnesotan’s and the Minnesota community at large to transpire.